Let’s go “Scouting”

2 July 2009


Yesterday we went “scouting” to one of our official venues: MMCinemas Leones. Scouting is nothing else than exploring to gain information.

The appointment was early in the morning. Maybe many of you have never been on an empty theater, is a very fun experience.

We were taking pictures to check out space details, and we also visited the projection booth… specially since there are films that will not be projected on 35mm and for us is very important that you have the best experience, when you come to the Festival and see the films.


Speaking about projection, not many of us have got the chance to see how a 35mm projector is, here is a pic. Is not as full of glamour as some could imagine, but it definitely makes it possible for us to know wonderful stories, see great images and discover different cultures and imaginary worlds.

Coming soon… the publication of our official film selection.

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