The end is near…

14 April 2009

…for our call for entries.

So many packages, safekeeping the many films that we’ve received this year and are waiting to be watched, are covering our office tables. The mood is of anticipation. A lot of work to do.

But our arms and eyes are wide open expecting more films before the end of the call for entries, which is getting closer. In 16 days… on April 30th, the last film will be registered and sent to Monterrey.

We’ve happily received participating films from Spain, Germany, France and the United Kingdom; Cyprus and Tunisia; as well as from countries on the other side of the globe, like Nepal and Yemen and many more.

Our programming team has been watching films since February. Many of them deal with current issues, like the financial and environmental crisis. But variety isn’t scarce.

And even though we’re running out of office space, we know that there is always room and time for good films, and we’re always hoping that you’ll send your’s our way. Before the end… of our call for entries…


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