De Frontera a frontera – From Border to Border

18 July 2007


From the Rio Bravo, to Guatemala and Belize, from Baja to Yucatán, Mexico is a country that is diverse, multicultural and rich. From many communities around the country, films sprout from production houses, independent collectives, and strong spirited artists. These films make up De Frontera a Frontera

¿A quién le importa?
Director: Cesar Guevara
País: México

Infierno Grande
Director: Octavio Gasca
País: México

Director: Fernando Santoyo
País: México

Le passiou du rouge
Director: Alex Aguilera
País: México

La pena de Diego
Director: Martín Gavica
País: México

Director: Oscar Urrutia
País: México

Término medio
Director: Marco A. Barajas
País: México

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