Its time to see

2 June 2010

Now they must be viewed. All of them. Despite the skepticals, we must see them all. It’s an odd sensation. All these deeveedee’s and boxes… IN this “escalatable” mountain of envelopes and bags, IS the entire Festival… like Mozart with the notes: “The notes (the films) are all there… just have to put them in the right order.” Now, a gratuitous, second and rather nerdy metaphore: As the neutrinos… it’s a mystery where they are exactly (the films), but they HAVE to be there.

Am I in a privileged position? Yes… indeed I am. And it’s only thanks to you filmmaker, residing in the five continents at the same time. In reciprocity, I shall try fiercely to make you feel equally fortunate. To all: thank you for your participation. Good luck!

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