First Feature Film in Competition Comes Through our Door! (Or how to get a busy programming director to smile)

21 July 2009

The start date for the Monterrey International Film Festival is drawing near and one of the top things that get the production team motivated is the arrival of our films in competition.  The first one to arrive  this year was Mika Kaurismaki’s “Three Wise Men”.

Every visit from the courier is received by anxious anticipation at the office and for this first arrival you can see it flourish on our Programming Director’s smile as he opened the box that contained the six reels of the finnish film.

The bets are on among the festival crewmembers as to which film will arrive next.  Some are even calculating distances between countries and continents, let alone customs bureaucracy. So every time the courier comes through the door, inevitably heads will turn in expectation.

Luis Garza meets Maki Kaurismaki

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