One week to final deadline

25 May 2007


We´re a week away from our final deadline and very happy with the materials that we´ve received and keep receiving every day. We´re close friends with our postman and all the major and minor courier service delivery men now. We´re getting close to 900 entries. Today we counted over 60 different countries. Including some first timers, like Kirgistan. It still amazes us to see the world map and tag all the countries from which we´ve received films.

If you haven´t sent your film yet… do it now! Close this blog, get your tapes or DVD´s and rush out to send them. A week from the deadline, you´ll be better off using a courier service… It takes about two weeks to get a package that was sent from the United States, Canada or Europe. The rest of the world is at least three weeks by ordinary mail away. If you do send your films, don´t forget to register online at

So we´re watching a lot of films… and a lot of good films… so this year is going to be a tough competition. Best of luck to all of you participating, with 900 films we know that at least ten times as many people participated in making them, and thats a lot of friends to have. We´ll keep in touch!

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